The one show you canít afford to miss, The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo is a half-hour syndicated program that airs every weekend, packed with information and personality. With an audience in the millions, it ranks as America's #1 Financial News program.
Each week, the program focuses on the issues of greatest importance to everyone - from how to save and invest, to what it takes to win in business. It features:

Maria's interviews with top CEOs, money managers and policy makers.
The bottom-line impact of business trends, from the retirement of baby boomers to the rising cost of oil.
Stock picks, hot product reviews, and personal finance tips
"The Wall Street Journal Report" is produced by CNBC in cooperation with the editors of The Wall Street Journal. It is distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television. It appears nationwide in approximately 200 markets, on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox stations.
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